Lunch bookings


We have a number of meal stops planned for cyclists, volunteers and supporters - please complete the form on this page if you would like to make a reservation!

24th May - Moissac

Cod en Bleu will be offering a special CSF lunch at Le Sunbeam restaurant €10 to riders They will kindly be making a donation to CSF from their profits Ave. Henri Cayrou, 82200 Moissac


28th May - Carcassonne

C & C Fish and Chips are offering fish, chips and peas at the reduced rate to cyclists of €9. (€10 to non-cyclists to include a donation of €1 to CSF.) Chris and Claire will set up their van at La Métairie, a lovely friendly café within sight of the Old Cité, possibly known to some of you, and will be serving from 7pm. Have a look at the photos on the café's Facebook page here: Drinks can be bought at the café.


29th May - Homps

Chillis and Spice are setting up by the lake in Homps at midday and offering 3 hot choices, with sides of potato salad, coleslaw and seasonal salad, served buffet style. CSF will have drinks available for purchase. They are charging €15 with 10% to CSF. The choices are: 1. Pulled Pork in a brioche bun 2. Chicken tikka skewers in flatbread 3. Cheese quesadillas with pineapple salsa (V) Dessert - lemon sorbet or coconut ice cream Please do join us at one or both of these. Please use the order form on the right of this page And it is not too late to register to ride one or more days! Again, contact who will give you all the details you need. Or come and support the cyclists along the route!

Order form

24 May

Fish and Chips - Moissac (€10)

28 May

Fish and Chip supper in Carcassonne (€9)

30 May

Chillis and Spice - Homps (€15)

Pulled Pork
Chicken Tikka
Cheese quesadillas
Lemon sorbet
Coconut ice cream

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