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Dennelle Taylor NizouxRenestance is an organisation that enables you to live your dream life in France. We can guide you through the process of moving from another country, or if you already live here, provide language or technical assistance on getting things done. Need help hopping over the well-known administrative hurdles of this fine country? That’s what we’re here for.

We offer a range of services that cater to English speakers from any country. Our house-hunting and regional reconnaissance package will help you find your ideal new nest in Languedoc - even from a distance.

Lifeline Support is an ‘on-demand’ option available throughout France. Get personal assistance with everything from health insurance to importing cars, installing a new phone line or registering a new business. Our online store will be available in the very near future, where you can download a comprehensive set of resources to guide you independently through various aspects of French life (health system, driving, property, etc.)

Why Languedoc?

Quite simply because we love it! This area of France is very special. From the Mediterranean coast to the south and spectacular mountains to the north; we have Provence and the Alps to the east, the Pyrénées and Spain to the west..and so much to see in between. Travel links are excellent, with 2 major international airports and several others serving British and Irish travellers on a very regular basis.

The warm and sunny climate, the slower pace of Mediterranean living and of course, the wonderful food and drink make this a perfect place to re-nest!

Cancer Support France

An association supporting English-speakers dealing with cancer in France is definitely a charity I can get behind. Back in 2015, when Annette told me that there was an event Renestance should sponsor, I was ready to listen. I happily agreed for Renestance to supply drinks and refreshments for the finish line of the final day of the cycle ride at Marseillan Plage. We are delighted to do the same again this year, and will be providing refreshment and well-deserved congratulations when the cyclists arrive in Sète on 25 June.

Jen, Dennelle at Nicole at the finish point of the cycle ride in June 2015

About Us

Originally from California, I moved to Paris in 2000 and relocated to the Montpellier area ten years later with my French husband and two kids. I researched the possibility of moving my parents closer to their only grandchildren and it was then that the idea for Renestance - renesting in France - was born. I am well aware of the challenges that people can face during the relocation process - whether that’s dealing with administration and paperwork in a foreign language, finding a home, or integrating in a new community.

Our dynamic and dedicated team includes Jen, Nicole and Sara.

Jen is also from the States and has lived and worked in France since 1998. An active wife and mom, Jen specialises in helping people integrate with their new community, enabling them to feel truly ‘at home’.

Nicole is British and has lived in France for over 14 years. She has raised her daughter through the French school system and is our resident expert on French healthcare - in particular the Carte Vitale!

Sara is a Franco-American wizard and helps people register a new business - which can be an important first step to becoming recognised as a resident in France.

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