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Get Out There!

We all know that getting together and being active is great for health, great for lifting one’s spirits, is fun (once you have got over the agony of leaving that armchair) and when winter is over and the days are long and warm again, it is the perfect time to dust off the running shoes and get going….

…….but not all of us are runners or indeed cyclists or climbers, so when CSF launched their two weeks of national fundraising events, now held annually in September, it was christened ‘Activity for Life’, not ‘Sport for Life’!

Last month each of the 15 affiliated associations up and down the country started the process of deciding on their chosen activity for this year and the planning has now begun in earnest to make AFL 2017 more fun, include more people, raise more awareness of CSF and funds for their fantastic work offering emotional and practical support to those whose lives have been touched by cancer.

In September 2016 members and supporters of CSF all over France ran, canoed, bicycled, jogged, knitted, painted, walked, cooked a suckling pig and tasted wine (is that cheating?), each event reflecting the energy and commitment of the individual associations, while celebrating the connection between them all.

CSF National depends on these fundraising events so that their work can continue, specifically for the training of Active Listeners and to enable Trainers’ Conferences to continue. Up to 50% of proceeds raised by the associations are donated to National who send trainers across the country, ensuring consistency and quality in the support and services they offer.

For the last couple of years, the associations in the South of France have organised the ‘Cycle for Life’ along two stages of the Canal de du Midi (CSF Gascony, CSF Languedoc and CSF Sud de France) and the Canal des Deux Mers (CSF Bordeaux and CSF Gascony) both of which have been hugely successful and attracted participants from many other parts of France and beyond.

So, due to popular demand it was decided by CSF Languedoc and CSF Sud de France to organise the ‘Cycle for Life’ 2017 as an independent event this year, passing through the CSF Languedoc and Sud de France areas, enjoying the perfect early summer biking weather of June, in addition to ending the season with the usual fun of the AFL events being held from the 9-17th September.

Keep a look out in early June for the announcements of the AFL events near you.

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